Moto Air Filters

Moto Air filters are available for most engine applications in motocross, enduro and off road. Moto Air Filters are also suited for applications such as motorcycles, rototillers, small garden tractors, lawn mowers or farm implement equipment.

Moto Air Filters - Two Different Layers of Foam

Image Moto Air filters filter the air better and let more clean air through. Two different layers foam air, the white coarse outer layer and the blue fine inner layer, work effective. After the white layer pre filters the air, the blue layer removes the fine dust particles.

Moto Air filters:

1. Are cleanable and re-usable - saves money on replacement filters
2. Offer full-depth filtration - stops and holds more dirt than conventional paper air filters
3. Improve airflow characteristics - up to 50% more air flow than pleated-paper
4.Helps extend engine life - effectively eliminates wear-causing airborne contaminants

Moto Air Products

From everyday riding to the most adverse conditions nature can dish out, you want engine protection you can count on. Moto Air products will provide your motorcycle with maximum intake protection. Day in and day out!

Moto Air Dust Filters

The Dust Cover is a coarse-foam prefilter that is designed to fit over your Moto Air filter. It provides an additional layer of protection for your engine when riding in severe conditions such as heavy dust and sand. It also extends the service time between filter cleanings. Dust Covers require oiling for maximum benefit.

Moto Air Filter Cleaning Set

Image Filter maintenance is easy when using the Cleaning Tub. Our resealable tub includes a filter tray that allows dirt to sink to the bottom of the tub, away from your filter. For even oiling, submerge your filter in the Oiling Tub. Simply wring out excess oil from your filter and store unused oil in the resealable tub.

Moto Air Airbox Covers

The Airbox Cover prevents water and cleansers from entering your intake when cleaning the airbox. Airbox Covers are manufactured from tough, durable ABS plastic. A rubber sealing ring is provided to ensure a perfect, leak-free fit. To use it, simply remove your airfilter from the airbox and install the Airbox Cover with the provided mounting screw.

Moto Air Filterfluid

Image Simply the best foam filter oil available! Many filter oils have a tendency to drain to one side of the filter, leaving part of your filter unprotected. Liquid Power filter oil is specially formulated to go on as a liquid for easy filter penetration. Solvents in the oil dissipate quickly, leaving a sticky, dirt gathering oil on your filter for superior protection.

Moto Air Filter Cleaner

Our Liquid Dirt Remover is formulated to quickly cut through filter oil and loosen dirt from your filter. It will not harden or damage filter foam like solvents and gasoline do.





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